Lush New Lawns and Revegetation

Do you need to cover unsightly bare soil quickly and efficiently? Southern Hydroseeding has the answers. Southern Hydroseeding has been specialising in these fast and less expensive ways to install new lawns for residential, commercial and sporting grounds since 1998.


Hydroseeding uses a blend of mulch, fertiliser, water and seed to provide fast and cost effective establishment of lawns and grassed areas. Hydroseeding is perfect for residential lawns, parks, sports grounds, revegetation of industrial sites and roadside works.

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass is a revolutionary synthetic lawn grass system made to simulate real grass. No more watering, no more mowing. Artificial Grass has all the beauty and functionality of real grass without the maintenance.

Hydroseeding Applications

* Freeway Batters
*  Sporting Fields - Golf, Bowls, Cricket etc.
*  Parks
*  School surrounds
*  Sand Dune Stabilisation
*  Quarries and Mines
*  Factory gardens
*  Residential Lawns

Benefits of Hydroseeding

* Low Cost
*  Fast and efficient application
*  Higher percentage of germination
*  Reduced wind and water erosion
*  Ideal on steep slopes
*  Rapid seed growth
*  Dust suppression

Artificial Grass Applications

* Front and Back Yards
*  Office Complexes
*  Parks and Playgrounds
*  Commercial Developments
*  School surrounds
*  Athletic Stadiums
*  Nature Strips
*  Shopping Centres
*  Golf courses and putting greens
*  tennis courts bowling green cricket pitches

Benefits of Artificial Grass

*  Always looks great
*  Sturdy and tough
*  No watering
*  No mowing
*  No fertilising
*  No dead patches
*  No edging